I See You by Clare Mackintosh book review 

This book was so gripping and only got better and better. We follow two characters, zoe an every day woman who while on the train finds her picture in the newspaper under escorts and the classified section, she gets worried and tells her family, they calm her down and make her more comfortable. But then days after a woman gets murdered and her picture shows up in the newspaper and Zoe fears from there after for her life. 

We also follow a police woman called Kelly, she is he police officer trying to figure out the crimes and the newspaper articles as they are joined. They soon find a secret website where people’s information is uploaded for anyone to see and follow them. 

There is am amazing twist near the end which I didn’t see coming. My hear was pounding and I couldn’t put the book down. 

This book was amazing written and the reading pace was moderate and the fast at the end with the twist it was perfect.

Definitely recommend for someone who eats a psychological thriller


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