Unenchanted by Chanda Hahn -book review


This book was amazing. It’s a whole new twist on Grimm fairy tales.

We follow Mina as the Grimm curse falls on her, like it has done through pass generations of her family, She always thought that she just had bad luck, but that soon changed when her mother tell her the truth, that she is cursed. You follow Minas journey to break this curse, as she doesn’t want it passing on to her younger brother, so she is determined to break it once and for all.

I loved the uniqueness of this book, it made the read even more exciting, and i wanted to see what would happen and how this would go. Another thing i loved was the magic and the romantic element in this book.

The writing flowed really nicely, and it was never boring or slow. The writer made it so you could picture everything that was going on, and it opened up your imagination to a whole new level.

There are many Grimm tales that she had to live and survive through till the cirse is broken, but no one know how many tales there are all together, as pass generations have filed to complete them all. She gets thrown into the tales not knowing which one she is in, so she has to figure out which tale she is living so she can complete the tale to move on to the next one. Each tale is a step closer to breaking this horrid curse.

I recommend this book to anyone who loved fantasy, fairy tales, curses and a unique book.


One thought on “Unenchanted by Chanda Hahn -book review

  1. Ohh, that’s great to heat, that you loved this book so much. I love fairytales, and the best part is I actually own this book on kindle (it was free back in the days, not sure if it still is), so I will give it a chance when I feel like reading fairytale.
    And you reviewed it very well! 🙂

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