Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake


This book was amazing. We follow a boy named cas, but he is no ordinary boy he is a ghost killer.
He moves with his mum to hunt down and kill the ghost of Anna dressed in blood. When he gets there and finds her he finds out that his isn’t going to be a easy kill at all as there is more to this girl then he thinks.

He picks up a few friends on the way, he first sees them as people that get in the way and soon realises he needs them.
This book had my heart pounding and I fell in love with the characters.
It was written so well and you could picture everything going on.
Definitely recommend to anyone that likes horror book and ghost.

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I See You by Clare Mackintosh book review 

This book was so gripping and only got better and better. We follow two characters, zoe an every day woman who while on the train finds her picture in the newspaper under escorts and the classified section, she gets worried and tells her family, they calm her down and make her more comfortable. But then days after a woman gets murdered and her picture shows up in the newspaper and Zoe fears from there after for her life. 

We also follow a police woman called Kelly, she is he police officer trying to figure out the crimes and the newspaper articles as they are joined. They soon find a secret website where people’s information is uploaded for anyone to see and follow them. 

There is am amazing twist near the end which I didn’t see coming. My hear was pounding and I couldn’t put the book down. 

This book was amazing written and the reading pace was moderate and the fast at the end with the twist it was perfect.

Definitely recommend for someone who eats a psychological thriller

Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence book review 

This was an amazing book that lived up to the hype and my exprctations

This book follows a young man called Jorg and his journey to seek revenge.

To his road brothers he is just another guy but soon find out his is a prince.

We follow him on his journey with he brothers to seek revenge as he also figures out the game he is playing.

The twist was amazing and this book kept me reading and in the edge of my seat the whole time. There is a lot of action and death but that what made this book.

I recommend to anyone who like war, fighting, action and revenge. Defiantly worth the 5 stars


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See You in Hell by A L Becker book review 

Wow this book was twisted by amazing, I just couldn’t put it down. We follow this twisted sick in the head killer on his kills, and his cunning ways to not get caught.

The police are trying to find the murderer but have no luck.

The ending was amazing and how I hoped it would be, full of revenge.

I was hooked the whole time through this book. The reading pace was fast and dramatic and made it all the more intense and exciting.

The writer explained everything in such great detail you could see it all happening in your mind.

An amazing book for anyone who likes murder and revenge.

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Golden blood by Melissa Pearl book review 

This book was amazing. You folllow two main characters Gemma and Harrison. Gemma keeps to herself and acts like a normal girl but you soon find out she has a secret as she is different from others p, her whole family is, they can travel back in time. Harrison bumps into Gemma and suddenly fall for her, Gemma likes him to but knows she can’t date a normal human, but the more time her and Harrison spend together the more in love they become, she opens up to him and fights for their love.

This book had all my emotions running, and the twist was amazing and made my heart race. There were so many amazing elements to this story that kept me hooked and kept me reading.

A fanatastic book for anyone out there that want mystery, love and adventure

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Why I have been away 

Most of you know I haven’t been blogging for a while and that is because of my depression and a bad reading slump, but I am happy to tell you that I’m back and ready to blog and read once again. I hope you guys enjoy my blogs and I will keep you updated on what I read and my reviews as well as my monthly tbr’s. 

Unenchanted by Chanda Hahn -book review


This book was amazing. It’s a whole new twist on Grimm fairy tales.

We follow Mina as the Grimm curse falls on her, like it has done through pass generations of her family, She always thought that she just had bad luck, but that soon changed when her mother tell her the truth, that she is cursed. You follow Minas journey to break this curse, as she doesn’t want it passing on to her younger brother, so she is determined to break it once and for all.

I loved the uniqueness of this book, it made the read even more exciting, and i wanted to see what would happen and how this would go. Another thing i loved was the magic and the romantic element in this book.

The writing flowed really nicely, and it was never boring or slow. The writer made it so you could picture everything that was going on, and it opened up your imagination to a whole new level.

There are many Grimm tales that she had to live and survive through till the cirse is broken, but no one know how many tales there are all together, as pass generations have filed to complete them all. She gets thrown into the tales not knowing which one she is in, so she has to figure out which tale she is living so she can complete the tale to move on to the next one. Each tale is a step closer to breaking this horrid curse.

I recommend this book to anyone who loved fantasy, fairy tales, curses and a unique book.

Cause To Kill by Blake Pierce-book review


I really enjoyed this book. It’s about a police woman called Avery black and her journey to find a killer that has killed a girl and had made her lifelike when dead.
This book got me guessing all the way through, as I tried to piece together the crime.
It was very well written, you get to see how the killer thought as well as everyone he took a new victim you got to see it from his point of view.
The pace was moderate at first but the picked up near the end as it all unraveled.
I recommend this book to anyone who likes crime books.

I cant wait to follow Avery Black on more crimes and see how she solves them and what new crimes will appear. This was an amazing quickish read. The front cover is what drew me to this book, and i am so glad i picked it as my next book to read as i really enjoyed the read.

Shattered Rose by Tammy L Gray book review


This book was so amazing and so emotionally touching.
This I’d about a lovely girl called Avery, and her life through college. She gets tangled in a lobe triangle but all turn out perfect in the end.
The writer touched on so many aspects love, eating disorders and more. This book was so emotional, I laughed and cried alot. The ending was perfect and made me cry with happiness.
I loved how the writer made me feel so many emotions, and it made me connect with the book and characters.
I become to hate some charcters like Jake, but loved others. This book took me on a whole new journey of love, and insecurities and learning to let go.
The reading pace was really nice, as it wasnt too fast so i didnt miss any things important and it was not slow and boring it was just right.
I could picture everything that was going on due to the way the writer described everything.
This was an amazing read and I recommend this to anyone who wants a romance that will definately pull on your heart strings

The Institute by Kayla Howarth book review


give this book 4.5 stars
This book was amazing. It’s about a world where there are 2 different type of people, normal humans and the defected. The defected have special gifts that are all slightly different. Due to having the gifts they are considered a threat and so are taken to the institute. This follows a girl who is trying to protect her younger brother and he is defective.
There was a massive plot twist that shocked me but kept we so gripped to keep reading.
I laughed at points, felt angry at others, but I loved all the emotion the writer made me feel. The writing flowed very nicely and the story line was amazing. I connected with the main character and i hated other for what they had done.
Definately recommend to those who want a gripping slight fantasy book