December wrap up

So for the month of December i started reading again mid way through the month as the begining of the month was quite hetic. So here are the books i read in December, i will have full reviews on every book, or you can follow me on goodreads to keep updated on what i am reading and my thoughts.

The first book i read this month was Teenage Killer. This is a murder slash thriller book and i really enjoyed it. I gave it 4.5 stars, but leaning closer to the 5 star mark.


The second book i read was Drug. This book is a slight fantasy book about a medical human trial gone wrong. I gave this book 5 stars as i went into this book not knowing anything, and loved it, i was gripped and was on the edge of my seat the whole time.


The third book i read was After The Cure, and this is a book set after a zombie outbreak and they have found a way to cure it. I gave this book 5 stars as i was gripped, i didn’t know what was going to happen next. There were so many amazing twists and turns, and i cant wait to read the next book.


The fourth book i read was The Black Room part 1. This was a unique book, and it was like nothing i had ever read before, and because of that aspect i gave it 4 stars. This book is about a man called charlie who is trapped inside someones head, but to him it looks like he is in a black room with just a screen in it. It was amazing and unusual but that just added to the greatness of this book.


The fifth book i read was The Institute. And this book is about 2 different type of people, one are normal and one have unique powers. The ones who have powers are called the defected and are all sent away to the institute. Many try and hide from this place. We follow a teenage girl, trying to protect her brother from going to the institute as he is defective. There was a huge twist in this book that i wasn’t expecting what so ever but i love it. I gave this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.



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After the cure by Deirdre Gould, book review


This book was amazing. this book is about what happens after a plauge outbreak which turned people into zombies, and they found a cure. This book follows Nelle and her journey throughout this book. She was first in the medical camp helping administer the cure and looking after the people there. Then she finds a new job as a psychologist for the court. In court there is the person who created the plauge in the first place. She and Frank (met through the court case) soon discovery there is a recharged bacteria somewhere which would course a much worse plauge and that it would be uncureble. So they have to work together to find out where the recharged bacteria is and to stop the next breakout.
This book had me on the edge of my seat at many points. There were also many shocking twists and turns. some made me angry at certain characters and some made me cry. This book also had a love aspect which i really enjoyed, as it fitted in well.
The ending is what shocked me the most and it made me cry which i wasn’t expecting at all.
This book was written very well. i loved the reading pace, and the writer made you feel what was happening in this book, so you felt connected to the characters.
I highly recommend this book to those who really want to know what happens after a zombie outbreak and for those who want a gripping story to read.
This is the first book in a series, and i cant wait to buy and read the rest of them.

Drug by Lynda O’Rourke book review


wow this book was gripping right from the start. It had some amazing twist and turns, i never knew what was going to happen next. I read this book in a day, i couldn’t put it down. The reading pace was quick and i loved it, the book definatley drew me in.
This book is about a human drug trial that goes wrong and starts turning them into monsters, the ones that didnt turn straight away had to find a way to escape. We uncover so much throughout this book, but there are still so many questions unsolved. I cant wait to buy and read the next two books to see what happens, i was on the edge of my seat all the way through reading.
A total must read!!

What made my buy this book in the first place was the cover, it just drew me in, and as soon as i read the blurb i knew i had to get it. The is the first book in the triology

December TBR (to be read)

So this month i finally got out of my reading slump and i have quite a few books i really want to read this month so here they are and something about the book i am going to read.

The first book i want to read is Drug by Lynda O’Rourke


This book is about human drug trial, and we follow one main character and her experience with the drug trail that goes horribly wrong, and what she has to do to escape. This is the first book in a triology.

The Second book i want to read is After the cure by Deirdre Gould


This book is about what happens after a plague swept though the population, and how they found the cure, and what is happening to those who once had the plague, will life ever be the same for them. This is the first book in a 5 book series.

The Thrid book i want to read is The Black Room by Luke Smitherd


This book i dont know much about, but it looked amazing and caught my eye, and i want to go into this one not knowing whats going to happen. This is the first book in a 4 book series.

The Fourth book i want to read is The Institute by Kayla Howarth


This follows a girl who is protecting her brother as he is what they class as defected, he has certain powers that other humans dont have and the goverment want to lock him up in the unstitute like all the others but she will not let that happen, even if they have to flee and fight fore themselves against anyone who tries to take him. This is book 1 in a 4 book series.

They are the books that i want to read in the rest of december, i dont know if i will get round to all of them, but i am going to try my best. I cant wait to see what each story holds.

What are your reads for december?


Teenage Killer book review


This was an amazing gripping story. I was hooked from the first page. I had so many questions through the book and they all got answered. most of the answers shocked me, but it kept me reading. The dark man scared and shocked me. the reading pace was fast, as you just wanted to read more and more. the ending was amazing and it was a perfect ending to the book. I enjoyed this book alot, I recommend this for anyone who loves crime with a hint of thriller

This book follows a boy who murdered his 3 ex best friends in a brutal way. The boy turned himself in straight away but all doesn’t seem right. This book follows the murderer, and his family on how they are coping . As you go through this book you learn more about the boy who killed, and what lead him to kill. You also learn about the family and how they are coping and what they have to face after the murder hits the news worldwide.


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The Girl On The Train book review


This book was so amazing, I was trying to piece all the things together all the way through this book, it kept me on the edge. I had so many questions and the answers were so shocking, I never saw the ending coming, I was so so shocked and I love it.

This book is about a girl who is a drunk, and misses her old life. everyday she takes the same train, and every day she goes pass this one house, and sees into the life of the people who are living theres life. She makes up stories for the people that are living there. One day the woman who lives there goes missing, and she gets wrapped up in there life as the mystery of the womens disaperance unfolds.

I loved her writing, so easy to follow but also kept me guessing.
it flowed so nicely and it has a good reading pace, I never got bored, and the twists were amazing.

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The Cracked Amulet book review


I loved the adventure this book took me on, We follow two people, Coryn and Katleya. This book follows there journey to storr. You get to see what dangers they faced to get to where they wanted.
Coryn had to run away with his little sister and gave her to a mighty woman who helped him and promised the safety of his sister, and gave him a not to deliver to Storr. It took him many years and faced many dangers to get the message to where he needed it.
Katleya has magik running through her called the wealdan, which made her wanted by the evil,blood priests, as they use the wealdans blood for power.
They both have to face and destroy evil in there journey.
The ending both shocked me and made me happy.
This story was written beautifully. So easy to follow and got you wanting to know what was going to happen next.
There were twists and turns which I enjoyed alot.
It was also very detailed so you could picture everything, I loved that aspect if this book.
I can’t wait to read more of her writing and I can’t wait for the second book, as I have fell in love with the characters and want to see where there journey goes next

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