Cause To Kill by Blake Pierce-book review


I really enjoyed this book. It’s about a police woman called Avery black and her journey to find a killer that has killed a girl and had made her lifelike when dead.
This book got me guessing all the way through, as I tried to piece together the crime.
It was very well written, you get to see how the killer thought as well as everyone he took a new victim you got to see it from his point of view.
The pace was moderate at first but the picked up near the end as it all unraveled.
I recommend this book to anyone who likes crime books.

I cant wait to follow Avery Black on more crimes and see how she solves them and what new crimes will appear. This was an amazing quickish read. The front cover is what drew me to this book, and i am so glad i picked it as my next book to read as i really enjoyed the read.


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