Shattered Rose by Tammy L Gray book review


This book was so amazing and so emotionally touching.
This I’d about a lovely girl called Avery, and her life through college. She gets tangled in a lobe triangle but all turn out perfect in the end.
The writer touched on so many aspects love, eating disorders and more. This book was so emotional, I laughed and cried alot. The ending was perfect and made me cry with happiness.
I loved how the writer made me feel so many emotions, and it made me connect with the book and characters.
I become to hate some charcters like Jake, but loved others. This book took me on a whole new journey of love, and insecurities and learning to let go.
The reading pace was really nice, as it wasnt too fast so i didnt miss any things important and it was not slow and boring it was just right.
I could picture everything that was going on due to the way the writer described everything.
This was an amazing read and I recommend this to anyone who wants a romance that will definately pull on your heart strings


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